Our Process

At Bailey Wealth Services, we believe close and ongoing communication is critical for building a strategy suited to your particular requirements. Beginning with our initial meeting, we strive to strengthen our relationship with you at every phase of our four-step planning process.

Before making any type of recommendation, we meet to learn about you and your family. This enables us to assess your situation, current needs, risk tolerance and future goals.

After evaluating your personal situation, we gauge your progress toward your life goals and priorities. We then propose specific strategies we believe are most appropriately aligned with your needs.

We partner with you to develop and put into action a customized plan that takes into consideration all areas of your financial life and helps you confidently pursue your goals.

Events large or small can impact your life. So we maintain regular contact with you to observe and adjust your plan as the markets fluctuate, or your personal goals or circumstances change.


I’m interested in learning more about a comprehensive approach to financial planning that places my needs first.